It’s All About Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is the newest buzz word floating around.  A lot of companies and small businesses don’t even have a mobile site yet, let alone a responsive one. So, what is the best approach for someone looking to become mobile friendly?

First, a quick look at responsive design:

A responsive site starts as a regular website but then adjusts in size for any device such as a tablet or cell phone.  It’s a new concept that allows for a single website to look great on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.  In the past businesses needed to create a regular website along with a separate mobile version of the website. Responsive design allows all users ability to receive the same content (from one url) regardless of their browsing device.

Mobile websites are made in addition to a regular website, are located on a separate url, and usually have less content with an option to view the entire website.

I already have a website, should I make a mobile version or make mine responsive?

Either option would work. However, mobile sites typically have much less content than the full web version.  In my opinion, this can be very frustrating for users.  Many sites could easily be made responsive, which may be a better option than creating a mobile version. The best option is to create a new responsive website from scratch. Creating a new website will allow you to prioritize your content and display it in the best way within your responsive website.

For a great example try viewing this website ( on your mobile phone or tablet.  You will see the exact same content in a slightly different way.  It will be more vertical, images will be smaller, and text will be larger. You could also view these sites on different browsers to see the responsive design: or

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Milwaukee Responsive Web Design Blog Written by Michelle LeClair of MC Multimedia

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