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Information can be confusing when it comes to sorting through the different aspects of internet marketing. Here are a few things you should look for:

#1 Is the SEO provider legitimate and able to provide recent examples of work?

Any company or individual claiming to do SEO better have work readily available to show. This can be with a real time search of the desired keyword for another client, or with screen shots of previous successes. You will also want to ask some questions about how quickly they were able to get their previous clients to the top of search engines and what the total cost was.

#2 Are they willing to guarantee something?

It is not standard practice for a company to guarantee a top position on a search engine. There are way too many variables going into the rankings to guarantee this. There is no way to tell what your competitors are dumping into their search engine marketing. However, it is a whole different story when it comes to guaranteeing traffic on your site. If your SEO provider isn’t willing to guarantee some amount of increased traffic on your website, it should be a no go! I typically guarantee my SEO clients that I can double their traffic within three months. This is always done after some research of course, and may very by client. Being #1 on Google for a desired keyword is great, but having double or triple the hits to your website is also great. An increase in traffic to your website is great because it typically comes from other sites around the internet that will continue to send users to your site even after you stop paying for SEO. This consistent and residual traffic will in turn raise your rank on search engines. There is no reason a SEO company wouldn’t guarantee an increase in traffic, or continue working without pay until they have.

#3 Is the company outsourcing SEO or blog writing over seas?

Aside from hurting the U.S. economy, outsourcing SEO can be very detrimental. If SEO isn’t done correctly, it can actually harm your websites rankings. The best way to ensure proper SEO is to hire someone who has a good reputation and does the work themselves.

#4 What services are included in the SEO program?

All SEO programs should have a series of four steps. First should be in depth research of keywords and the amount of people searching for them in comparison to the competition fighting for a top ranking spot. Second should be a series of on-site optimizations that include copy writing for SEO, sitemaps, meta data, optimized images, etc. Third, your SEO program should include a series of social media services including blogging, facebook, twitter, and bookmarking. Finally, you need feedback. Every SEO program should provide you with monthly reports that are easy to understand and show improvements.

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Milwaukee Internet Marketing Blog Written by Michelle LeClair of MC Multimedia

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