Website Design & Internet Marketing

Both are essential for online success!

Scenario #1:

You want a website designed, but don’t want to have SEO done on the site:
A website can be put online, but what good does it do if no one can find it? Now days, customers will give up on short notice when it comes to finding a website. Customers expect that a search on Google, yahoo, or MSN will produce the best of the best online has to offer for their needs, and rarely dig deeper than the first page of results. They also, will rarely type your url directly into the browser and go directly to your site bypassing a search engine. Because of this, your site needs to be searchable when your business name or services are typed into a search engine. Without this, only the small percentage of users that know your url and go directly to your site will have access to it.

Contrary to popular belief, search engines are not perfect. They don’t bring up all related websites by default. Search engines operate using specific criteria to filter results. They do this in order to filter malicious websites, but often filter good websites that have poor content or structure. The criteria they use also changes several times a year to keep up with new techniques of hackers trying to outsmart the search engines. Therefore, having a website designed that has not taken SEO into consideration, could possibly be filtered by search engines.

Scenario #2:

You already have a website, and just want SEO done to your current website:
Because search engines use specific criteria (that is constantly changing to outsmart hackers) to filter results, your website needs to be built initially with this criteria in mind. Most likely, if you had a website designed years ago, it wasn’t built by today’s standards. Also, if you had a site designed recently by someone who knows nothing about search engine optimization, your site most likely breaks some basic rules.

The first step in SEO is to optimize your website files and content to be search engine friendly. The main component is your sites foundational structure, it needs to be built to show your content or writing above other site components such as code. This means cleaning out extra code, organizing your content, and properly labeling every aspect of your site. In many cases, websites are built on a poor foundation that would require serious reworking to be fully optimized. Even if we generate a ton of traffic to your site using the second step in SEO which is social media and online advertising, your site will not capitalize unless the files are fully optimized.

Scenario #3:

You have a website designed and incorporate a SEO program:
This scenario gives you the ability to fully capitalize in the online marketplace. With website files that appeal to search engines, and a campaign to generate new and productive visitors to your site, search engines will view you as a perfect candidate for their top listings. Investing in one without the other is not going to give you good results, if any. With thousands to millions of potential customers searching for your specific products or services monthly, it is essential to leverage both website design and internet marketing techniques for success.

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Milwaukee Internet Marketing Blog Written by Michelle LeClair of MC Multimedia

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